Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Changing Balance

Sameness is not always balancing! Some of us have bought into the illusion that we can work hard to get our lives organized and “balanced” and they will stay that way forever. Not so! Sameness is not balance. One of the givens of being human beings (like it or not!) is that we are constantly granted the opportunity and mandate to grow, to learn, and to change. Our houses and our cars keep trying to teach us that all material objects are in a constant state of disintegration, and we don’t want to believe them. How much more difficult is it to see ourselves and our world this way! Balance will never be attained once and for all. That’s just the way life is. That is the human condition. We can either accept it or keep trying to live in illusion. Some of us may choose the third option of doing both-accepting it for awhile or for some things and then not for others. We do it rough on ourselves. The most balancing thing we can do for ourselves is accept the joy of feeling balanced when we do, recognizing that the balancing and rebalancing of ourselves is an ongoing process that offers us a minute-by-minute opportunity. Take a look at any aspect of Ur life U believe U have “balanced” or are trying to keep the same and see if this is causing U stress. If so, try putting on new glasses and celebrating the balance that is there while accepting the change that is just around the corner. HugsBob

remembering 9/11:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


It takes six months to get into shape (I've been at it for four?) and two weeks to get out of shape. Once you know this you can stop being angry about other things in life and only be angry about this. What a great idea- an impersonal focus for our anger and rage. It's even better if we expand the picture a little bit to get a broader perspective, accepting that in general life isn't fair. Way back when I was younger I spent a lot of time exclaiming that it (whatever "it" was!) wasn't fair. Whenever I saw something that I perceived as being unfair (and, of course, there were examples all around me), I became indignant, self-righteous, infuriated, and sometimes (very rarely, of course) combative. As I look back, I'm not sure that any of these reactions accomplished much except to get me exhausted, beat-up, resentful, and in trouble. It took me a long time to come to the realization that life isn't fair. That's my reality and everyone else's. I don't have to like it. I do have to accept it. Life just isn't fair. I can't possibly see the whole picture, and, from my limited view, life isn't fair. Once the conclusion has been accepted, how do I move on? I can be as fair as I can, given my limitations. I can accept reality and move on. I can be kind, considerate, caring, patient, and supportive in dealing with those who experience great unfairness. Do you fight the unfairness of life? You could accept it and move on, contributing what you can. Acceptance! Hmm! HugsBob

Monday, September 5, 2011


We have our brush and colors-paint Paradise and in we go. We find in our experiences and in our daily reveries just what we anticipate. If we greet the day wearing a smile, confident that we are needed and able to make a contribution, we’ll discover that the day holds great promise. What we need to understand is that every day holds just as much promise as we’re capable of expecting. We carry within ourselves the image of the picture we’re creating. Since the choice to find happiness rather than sorrow and regret is our own, why does the latter even attract us? For no other reason than we fail to believe that we’re deserving of happiness. We know our own shortcomings; we’re aware of the details in our lives for which we feel shame. We think only the pure of heart deserve happiness. But we’re human. And this means mistakes are normal and expected. With wisdom comes full understanding of this fact. In the meantime, we can trust that happiness is our birthright. All that’s requested is our belief in it. Today will offer me all that I truly desire. Happiness attracts itself. HugsBob

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Skimming the Tree tops

tree topsPsalm 103:14 He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust. God is mindful that He created us as finite beings out of a few pounds of garden soil. He understands that...My question is, why don't we understand it? Why do we expect perfection of ourselves and of our associates?... U and I become terribly impatient with our own shortcomings and limitations and with each other. We despair because we think we ought to be in spiritual orbit by this time, when we're barely skimming the treetops...We think we ought instantly, constantly, and effectively to conquer vast territories for the kingdom, like some spiritual Alexander the Great. And when it doesn't happen- when victory seems elusive- we grow discouraged. Whenever I start feeling like that, I need to revisit the life of Moses...Here was a man who didn't become effective for God until he was eighty. Long after most of us would be riding a rocking chair or pushing up daises, Moses began his spiritual career. And guess what? God used him mightily! Are U available and ready? HugsBob