Monday, March 7, 2011

Being Right

Do U prefer that U be right or happy? We have a tendency to get ourselves into situations where we can develop the illusion that being right is more important than anything else in the world. As the issues escalate in our minds, we get to a place where being right seems like a life-or-death position. When we get this way, we lose all sense of perspective. We forget how important certain people are to us and what they contribute to our lives. We find ourselves more dedicated to being right than to running the risk of getting what we want, which is often happiness, love, and friendship. What has happened to us? It seems as though we have plunged into moments of complete insanity. And, perhaps we have if insanity is related to forcing ourselves to lose perspective, lose contact with reality, and risk abandoning what is most important to us. Are our positions more important than our happiness? Is whatever point we are trying to make more important than people we love? Very doubtful. The next time U find yourself in this state of mind, stop. Ask yourself if U want to be right or happy. See if U really care that much. See if U can reach out- even let the other person be right. What does it really matter? Choose very carefully the hill U want to die on and try not to sacrifice yourself on too many unimportant hills. HugsBob

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